Next Generation
Proxy Payment Platform

A SecureOne Enabled Card is: 

  • A proxy for all your payment cards

  • Real time payment insight 

  • Unparalleled security and fraud control - especially Card Not Present (CNP)

  • Simplified management  of card accounts and profile data

  • Accepted by merchants worldwide

  • works with all modern devices, browsers, and smartphones

  • An innovative solution delivered by leading card issuers

Sydney, Australia — Feb 5th, 2016 SecureOne begins live testing of SecureOne cards at merchants throughout Sydney. Testing is being conducted with an undisclosed bank and merchant acquirer. 
Card Issuers


  1. Reduce Cost of Issuance
    Issuing a single proxy card removes complexity and expense
    Every card issued represents a fundamental cost to issuers. These cost compound ever time a particular card number is compromised or a wallet is lost. Re-issuance is costly and time consuming to say nothing of the disruption it causes consumers. Giving consumers a proxy card shields actual card numbers from compromise and alleviates the wasted time and hassle associated with card replacement. Consumers can have a convenient back up card on hand so they can recover immediately.
  2. Shield Against Fraud - Especially Card Not Present
    Giving customers control & using Multi-Modal drives fraud out & satisfaction up
    The SecureOne platform gives issuers a rich set of card and spending controls which a consumer control from their mobile phone: Set a default and backup card; Assign specific card to a merchant; Limit transactions by amount, location, merchant class or even merchant; Give consumers the ability to instantly flag transactions or block merchants directly from their phone; Or just simply let consumers turn off their card when not in use.
  3. Rapidly Introduce New Payment Experiences
    Enabling family cards and P2P payments creates brand stickiness
    The SecureOne proxy payment platform enables a whole new class of social payment experiences. Issuers can now rapidly introduce new payment services that customers to provide cards for their children, friends or associates which do not reveal real account information but most importantly give complete control and visibility on when, where and how much the card is used. Kids away at college - perfect!
  4. Be Top of Phone and Wallet to Reinforce Brand
    Pairing the proxy card with mobile phone ensures your brand is always top of mind
    Ubiquitous mobile payments are hampered by the limitations of phones, merchant infrastructure and our own behavior. Credit and debit cards are fast and convenient. SecureOne's unique pairing of the physical proxy card with the power of the smartphone creates a consumer experience that solves real problems. It creates a sticky experience that works on all phones. It drives your brand to the top of their wallet and their phone.

“As EMV shifts fraud online financial institutions should evaluate solutions that not only limit fraud but also provide the consumer a sense of payment safety and control.  SecureOne has a solution that addresses these issues and becomes more cost effective when implemented in the network.”

Tim Sloane
VP, Payments Innovation
Mercator Advisory Group


  1. Convenience
    Best of both worlds. Universally accepted card and powerful mobile experience.
    A SecureOne card is like any other card issued by your bank except that it works with an app on your phone that lets it behave like any of the other cards you have. Control the card with your phone. Use the card without your phone. Give a companion SecureOne card to family or friends. It is an easy and safe way to enable them to spend. Hides your real account information. Gives complete control on when, where and how much the card is used. Kids away at college - perfect!
  2. Control
    Easy card and spending controls put you in charge.
    SecureOne is a virtual safety deposit box for your cards and transactions. The card is just a proxy. No information is stored on the phone, Transactions appear in real time and the phone gives you controls to turn the card on/off, limit transactions by amount, merchant and location even launch disputes and block merchants directly from the phone.
  3. Insight
    View your spending across all your cards in real time
    When you use your SecureOne card to pay you see the transaction on your phone in real time regardless of the card you actually used to fund. The app provides a simple budget to set and track monthly spend. Transactions are easily searched and can be sorted by date, card, merchant and type.
  4. Savings
    Merchant cards and savings are always at your fingertips
    Using merchant or loyalty cards is one of the best ways to access great deals and savings. The SecureOne card and app lets you automatically assign a specific card to a merchant. The favorite merchants that you flag in the app open a direct channel for relevant offers and other promotions


  1. Broaden Consumer Reach
    The card gives universal access. Powerful tools and data drive results.
    Real time transaction processing and a live connection to a consumer's phone opens a real time channel to deliver discounts, promotions and credit offers. SecureOne gathers a unique real time view of consumers. The combination of card with an exciting and relevant mobile experience means every consumer is within reach when it counts most; before, during and after sales.
  2. Lower Cost of Issuance & Interchange
    Proxy card optimizes transaction costs
    SecureOne is the perfect platform from which to launch retail private label card programs. Sophisticated switching and transaction processing can enable any combination of open, closed or semi-open loop programs and ensure transactions flow to the lowest cost rail.
  3. In-App & E-Commerce
    Simplify and enrich checkout
    The SecureOne app works on any phone and our rich API's allow merchants the ability to consume our payment functionality to simplify in-app & e-commerce shopping experiences. Combing card, phone and real time consumer insight can be used to improve checkout conversion.
  4. Shield Against Card Not Present Fraud
    What is Zero CNP Fraud worth?
    Talk to us to learn how the unique and patent pending "multi-modal" security capability of SecureOne enabled cards can shield your e-commerce site from card not present fraud.


  1. Highly Elastic Proxy Switch
    Core Building Block 1 - Our transaction and proxy switch is designed to support infinite scale out using an intelligent peer to peer configuration capability. This optimizes the routing and settlement of payments and ensures deployment meets all local regulatory & privacy requirements.
  2. Dynamic Rules Engine
    Core Building Block 2 - The rich capabilities of the SecureOne card are driven by the dynamic rules engine which the consumer configures in real time from their phone. The engine is easily extended. It is easy to add new rules, data sources, events and also customize consumer interactions.
  3. Tokenized Data Vault
    Core Building Block 3 - Everything that we do with data is tokenized and securely vaulted. Each customer's cards, transactions, and sensitive information is uniquely isolated and locked down. We dramatically reduce the potential surface area of attack.
  4. Rich API Framework
    Deploying an API driven architecture ensures quick and accurate integration into our issuer customers and merchant acquirer partners business. Our APIs support critical process integration for enrollment, fulfillment, registration, consumer, data analysis, engagement and support
  5. Web / Mobile Infrastructure
    Card issuers and merchants have already made huge investments in mobile banking and e-commerce infrastructure. SecureOne provides a real time communication foundation that can be used to enhance these investments. We also provide apps to from which to build green experiences.
  6. Data Analytic Engine
    A tremendous amount of data gets accumulated much of which is very unique given the nature of the SecureOne card. All data which we capture is done with consumer consent as to how it might be used by us and our our partners. We provide rich data analytic access to this data.
  7. Patent Portfolio
    From the earliest days of the company Patent IP has played an important role in our plans, innovation and product plans. Our focus has been to innovate around the notion of the security of end to end mobile transactions. We often refer to this as ensuring a "Person Present Transaction".
  8. Before the company pivoted to the cloud / payment network centered solution, it had acquired an important patent (VSIM) which governs how cell phones pair security credentials. With that the company then filed patents around innovations of how one would turn a phone into a wallet. The
  9. company also entered into an IP licensing arrangement with the leader in out of band authentication "OOBA". More recently we have filed patents around the unique elements of our core platform and the multi-modal security feature which addresses the challenges of Card Not Present Fraud.


  1. Chicago, Illinois
    Chicago, Illinois
  2. Seattle, Washington
    Seattle, Washington
  3. Sydney, Australia
    Sydney, Australia